what is your first impression saying?

*Makes you distinctive.
*Builds credibility.
*Connects you with your audience.
*Gives your platforms visual consistency.
*Represents your message and values.
*Builds confidence.
*Keeps you relevant 

First impressions are important and today a polished and authentic online presence is just as critical to the success of your business as those in-person relationships.

Are cell phone pictures, stock photos or outdated headshots keeping you from getting serious inquiries?

Need fresh and inspiring content for your social media?  I'd love to help!


I can help!

what can a professional portrait do 

for your business?



We start with a quick phone call to see what's important to you.  If we move forward, after signing a contract and paying your session fee, we will have a comprehensive in person consultation to discuss wardrobing, styling, hair & makeup, poses, product or employee shots and all relevant information that will allow me to capture exactly what you want.

I will be sending you regular information to make sure you're ready on your session day. 
Locations for the session are flexible.

What's involved?

check out a gallery



A modern and clean professional portrait with my signature white background.  Pictures tell a story and why should your headshot be any different.  More than just a nice face,  it  must communicate to your clients, potential employers and peers exactly who you are.  This takes forethought and planning.  I walk you through a simple process that helps us lock in on this important element.

Book your Signature Headshot  for $299.



"Kelli was amazing to work with, she is a perfectionist who really knows her stuff!
Loved that she was so detail oriented and committed to getting the best shots!
My photos turned out amazing!"

-Priscilla Holloway

Real Estate Professional
Westhampton Beach, New York

kind words

"I had the most amazing experience working with Kelli as a brand photographer.
  The entire process that she offers is so valuable. She has a great eye and is a wonderful listener. She pointed things out about myself and my brand that I wasn’t even aware of.
  I came away from this experience with beautiful images and a fresh sense of what I want to achieve as a business owner. Whether you are just getting started or if you have been in business for years a session with Kelli is something that everyone can benefit from."

-dana romeo


Real Estate Professional
Stonybrook Village, New York

kind words


Perfect for those getting started
or in need of a quick refresh.
6 digital images

level up

Have more of a story to tell? 
Perfect for website and social media content.
16 digital images




Full Branding with multiple stories.  
The possibilities are endless.
25 digital images


All branding sessions include a comprehensive planning consultation and an online gallery.
Not sure what is the best fit for you or ready to get started?

lets chat!

Business Branding Packages


In need of constant content? This is a yearly subscribtion, 20 images each quarter to keep you up to date.
80 digital images