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April 18, 2020

DIY digitals vs. Getting things done.

It seems like purchasing your portraits as digital files are the total way to go these days.  You wanna post them on social media, your favorites become the wall paper on your phone, you like the option to email them to every single relative you have, and of course there’s solid intentions of printing them, hey! you’re at Target…like a lot, so you’ll have plenty of chances to take care of it right?


Trust me, you won’t.

The odds are not in your favor!

I’m a photographer and it took me six years, SIX YEARS to get my two son’s newborn pictures in an album because I bought digital images on a usb and they sat in a drawer for a long time because, hello, I was nursing nonstop and raising children. Projects left to a busy and exhausted mama=non-enjoyment of gorgeous photos of me holding my newborns. So disappointing!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for doing things yourself but when it comes down to it, nobody really wants extra work or projects. We just want it done and MY job isn’t done until I’ve helped you DO something with your photos.

When it comes to printing, size matters.  Digital file dimensions and resolution are super important when you’re enlarging and trust me you want to enlarge. Proportions are a thing too and the difference between an 8×10 and a 20×30 in your family room is huge.  We haven’t even talked about color space/profiles and why my printer will never turn your skin magenta or any other color that isn’t intended.  I care about quality control, I care about your finished product, I care about getting it done right and right away. That’s why I’ll never leave you with just digitals.

Does that mean you won’t receive any digital copies with your session?

Absolutely not!  I love sharing online and want you to be able to do that as well.  Plus, a digital negative for archiving can be useful when done correctly.  You will receive a corresponding digital file for every image you keep.

I’m the photographer for you if you want someone to take the lead, not only in capturing your beautiful family but also infusing your home and therefore, everyday lives with timeless portrait art! I work closely with you to learn what you like, and I take care of all of the designing, sizing, ordering, delivering and even placing your art, full service. Done and done! Pass the hassle and straight to the enjoying. That’s what its all about. The memories, those sweet growing and changing faces, the evolving love story that is family. If that sounds good to you then it would be my pleasure to say, “consider it done!”.

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