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August 12, 2020

Business Branding | Dana Romeo | Stony Brook

Danny and I met Dana at an open house back in 2017.  We had been tossing around the idea of putting our  little starter home on the market.  The 850 square foot ranch felt charming until our family grew by three kids!  We were busting at the seams.  Visiting open houses in our target areas helped us to see what was out there in our price range and if it was a good time to buy/sell.

We met a LOT of agents during these visits and Dana was the first one that we felt was truly helpful to us.  She wasn’t pushy and thankfully, didn’t follow us around the house!  She answered our questions knowledgeably with a bubbly personality that we immediately clicked with.  She made an impression for sure!

She gave us solid advice when the time came to sell our home.  The whole buying and selling transaction is very stressful and you want someone in your corner that will advise you and fight for you!

Dana is based in Stony Brook, NY but has a good grasp on eastern Long Island as well.  She owns a home in the historic area of Stony Brook and it is so perfect for her!

She lives there with her husband, three precious little boys, their dog and some beloved chickens!

Dana is affiliated with Coach Realty and her personal brand colors are neutral with a pop of blue.  I think she really nailed her professional and casual outfits to help visually sell her brand.

How gorgeous is this logo?!  Its designed by Fresh Lavender Designs on Etsy.  Dana even had little decorations added to the door for the various seasons.  I think that is such a thoughtful touch for her notecards.

If you’re looking for an awesome Real Estate Professional, I recommend Dana Romeo!

Are you a professional or entrepreneur looking for your own business portrait session?  I’d love to help you!






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