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June 5, 2019

Scott Family | Reeves Beach, Riverhead

Who doesn’t love a great beach session?  Especially at sunset!  I got the opportunity to meet Julie through a mom group started by a mutual friend.  Julie owns Twinforks Doula and right away you just know when you’ve met a really kind person.  She devotes a lot of time and effort into health and wellness for pregnant and postpartum mamas.  As a mom of four kids, she’s definitely a pro.

I immediately thought of her when I wanted a family session for my portfolio.  Thankfully, her husband Anthony and two older kids, Maurice and Mikayla were up for it too!

Seriously, these teenagers made me look forward to my own kids growing up.  They were awesome, even when you ask them to put away the lacrosse stick and cell phones to take some pictures with mom and dad.

I’ve lived on Long Island now for almost 20 years and one of my favorite things is catching the sunset over the Long Island Sound.  Its just gorgeous.  I learned for the first time just this past winter that the sun sets over the ocean in the winter months!  Never knew that!

Where is your favorite place to catch the sunset?



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